Monday, June 25, 2012

Tagging Spreadsheet for Etsy Listings

I’ve been meaning to compile a list of all the possible tags I might use while listing an item on Etsy.  I’m constantly jotting down tag ideas on my chalkboard wall or scraps of paper, so I needed to get organized.  I thought about just starting a hand written list, but figured it might get hard to edit and add to the list after a while.  A spreadsheet is perfect though, and if you don’t have a program that makes them, you can download the Open Office version for free!
I grouped my words under the headings: category/type, style, look/feel, technique/material, recipient and symbols.  Then I just started brainstorming and going through the tags I already put on items.  As I list more items on Etsy I can add new words I come up with, color code categories, and keep everything alphabetical and neat.  Plus now I won’t be sitting there desperately trying to come up with 13 ways to describe my item!

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