Sunday, June 9, 2013

Minecraft Plushy

My little brother has been into this Minecraft game for some time now, so I finally decided to figure out what it’s all about.  It definitely looks like a game I could get into if I only had the time!

My brother turned 13 this year, so he is at an age that can be difficult to craft for.  That’s why I had to do some research!  If I had planned ahead a little better I would have done something more.  Pixelated games just work so perfect for craft projects!  But I was running out of time, so in addition to some art supplies I whipped up this super simple creeper head plushie.

I cut out 6 squares of green felt about 4 inches wide.  Then cut the eyes and mouth out in black and stitch to one square.

Stitch all the square sides together except one.

Stuff the little guy with fiberfill/pellets

Stitch the last side together and you have this adorably creepy little creature to watch over you.  My brother loved it :)