Friday, June 15, 2012

Homemade Labels for Clothing

As I’m beginning to concentrate on creating a rock and roll clothing line, I realized I didn’t have any labels for the clothes.  In the past I made a lot of jewelry so I have plenty of paper cards and stickers, but nothing I could sew on.  I came across some twill tape at work that had been marked down so many times, it was only $0.34!  So I decided to try printing “raygun undone” on it.  After a few smeary attempts I found something that worked….
MATERIALS: 1 inch wide twill tape (it comes in those Wrights packaged tapes at fabric stores), alphabet rubber stamps, Palette Hybrid Ink pad, iron
I found some old typewriter font alphabet stamps that were perfect!  I researched different ink pads and found that Palette Hybrid ink can be used on fabric if heat set.  So I cut strips of twill tape, leaving space for a seam on each side of my logo.  Then I just printed on each strip, ironed them between layers of parchment paper, and they are ready to be sewn!  I tried washing them out and the ink stayed, so it was a success.  I will have to experiment with these ink pads further, they seem like a great addition to the silk screening and stenciling I have been doing lately!

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