Thursday, June 7, 2012

Super Mario Quilted Pillow Tutorial

This project was my first real experience with quilting.  I sew all kinds of things, but never actually devoted the time to making a quilt.  It’s funny the only quilt patterns that ever inspire me to try are video game themed, but I guess it just makes sense to quilt stuff that’s already pixilated!  And there are some cool ones out there! 

This pillow is far less time consuming that a quilt, and just as awesome! 

MATERIALS: 1 yard red fleece, ¼ yard black fleece, ¼ yard cream fleece, tiny scrap of fleece (for background block), 2 gold buttons, thread

STEP 1: First I made my Mario pattern (which also doubles as a Luigi pattern!).  I taped several pieces of paper together so I had a big square.  I drew a grid with 1 inch squares, 16 squares per side (probably shouldn’t have used black paper, but I have an abundance of it).

STEP 2: Using this image I drew the outline of Mario and cut it out.  I used this shape to cut out 2 pieces of red fabric adding an extra 5/8 inch border for the seam allowance.  This is the front and back of the pillow.

STEP 3: Then I outlined each block of color on the pattern and cut them out.  I labeled each piece as I cut, so I could easily identify the shape and orientation.  (I also added an inch square for the background color between Mario’s hat and nose, I made it blue, but any contrasting color will work)

STEP 4: I cut 1 piece of the corresponding fabric color for each pattern piece, then arranged and pinned them onto the front of the pillow according to the Mario pattern.  I sewed each piece in place, then added 2 gold buttons to Mario’s overalls. I pinned the front and back of the pillow with right sides together and sewed around the edge leaving a few inches.  I then turned the pillow right side out, stuffed it, and then stitched up the gap.

I’ve made this pillow for 2 different video game lovers and they both adored it!  I made a matching Luigi pillow the first time, and just like in the image above, both faced different directions.  So they looked awesome sitting together on a couch! (Wish I had taken a picture)

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