Monday, June 18, 2012


This weekend was very busy, and amidst the craziness my 3 chickens were finally ready to be picked up!  We aren’t sure what breed they are exactly, because they were hatched by someone’s wild backyard flock, but they sure are adorable!  Luckily the guys I garden with already built a coop out of one of our hoop houses we took down, plus some scrap furniture found around the neighborhood (if only I had been home to take pictures of their process!).  So far it’s holding up just fine and the chickens are happy! 

I will be posting more about our chickens as we learn more and start incorporating them into our gardening.  We still have several months before they start laying eggs, so right now we are just trying to get them comfortable in their new habitat and making sure they are totally safe from raccoons and other predators.   I’m so excited to learn how to raise chickens and start this new adventure!

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